Giro Empire Knit Scores 9.4/10 on

A great first ride review of the Empire EC70 Knit road shoe on!

“Giro has made a name for itself with unconventional cycling shoes. In 2012, it reintroduced lace-ups to racing cyclists with the Empire. Five years later, a number of brands offer shoes with laces. So what’s next? This August, Giro made its next move, introducing knit uppers on three models. So, we laced up a pair of the E70 Knit road shoes, clipped in, and were impressed…. Giro struck the right balance between supportive fit and supple construction. Apart from aesthetic considerations, the knit is notable for providing generous ventilation. Similar to some running shoes, the E70 Knit gets good airflow throughout much of the foot.”



“Could you race in the E70 Knit? Sure. Is it expressly designed for rabid racers? Not exactly. But that’s what is loveable about Giro’s new shoe. The E70 Knit has a unique look and backs it up with all-around comfort and performance at a fair price.”